Co-living is a new modern way of living, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing of ideas and community. Other than having a spacious room to live in, it offers shared spaces such as bar, library, laundry, hot desks, cinema and more. This idea was inspired to bring everyone together in a collaborative, fun environment exposing members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.
It's a 3 storey building with rooms and a common area. Our common area consists of hot desks and beanbags, a bar equipped with coffee machine, a mini kitchen with microwave and refrigerator provided, a meeting room, a cinema, a games area with PS4, a laundry room, ironing facilities, a meeting room, and free Wi-Fi!
We have a range of different rooms at different prices, starting from RM450 per month, up to RM1000 per month (excluding room electricity bills. JL Co-living will cover costs for water and common area electricity).
Our Operation Team will brief you through the Tenancy Agreement and once Tenancy Agreement has been agreed and signed and relevant details have been collected, our team will collect a deposit of 1 month advanced rental, 1 month rental deposit and 0.5 months utilities deposit from you to secure your booking. Our Operation Team will usually contact tenant contact tenant 1 week before, 3 days before and 1 day before to remind them about check in day and time. During check-in day, a set of keys and access card will be provided to you and our operation team will explain the house rules, facilities, tenants' responsibility, rental payment wise and who you should contact if you have any enquiries during your tenancy at JL Co-Living Space.
Our JL representative will arrange the check out process for you.
We offer flexible tenancy lengths to suit individual requirements. You can stay with us for a minimum of 1 week up till 3 years, although please note that the price of room may vary.
Make yourself at home and decorate all you want but please don't hammer anything into the wall or unscrew any of our furnitures. Your room should look exactly the same when you check in. Any damage incurred will be deducted from your deposit if any damages has been done when you leave.
Decoration is fine. However, if you want to do any renovation works to your room, we can write in to us and you must receive a consent from us in writing or else you will be liable for all costs and expenses made for such alterations.
Yes we do. We have a cleaning team that will come 3-4 times a week to clean the common area and the toilets. However, if you would like your room cleaned and linens changed personally, we can provide additional room cleaning service which we will charge a fee of RM20 for one time cleaning and RM200 per month upon request.
If you want to leave before your contract ends, please let us know and we can help.
Yes they can! If they want to stay in your room, they can do so free of charge. You just need to let our management know in writing. However, if any cases of damages done by your friends, the responsibility will be borne by you.
We do provide a red nice looking mail box right outside our space and you can always pick it up when you're back at JL Co-living!
There is a lively and huge shopping mall called "Main Place" within a minute walk from JL Co-Living with well-equipped facilities like the gym, money exchange, banks, ATM machine, nail parlour, salon, bars, cafes, restaurants, Nandos, Old town coffee.. Oh, and there is also a badminton centre (it's called USJ23 badminton centre) within 5minute drive away!
You will need to pay to use the washing machines and dryers with Malaysian currency notes.
Yes it is free for ALL!
We provide a 200mbps router with 11 Wi-Fi extensions across JL Co-Living Space! So, you will not need to worry about slow Wi-Fi at ALL! 🙂
Yes you may. Please speak to our team by phone or email to hello@jlcoliving.com to set a date and time. Please bear in mind that charges may incur.
Our space is fully equipped with fire doors, fire alarm system and hose reel system and we also have fire extinguishers on every corner of our premise. Furthermore, there is a fire exit on every corner of our premise equipped with fire escape stairs. In case of a fire, always CALL 999/112.
Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live. We accept anyone mainly ranging from age 21-35 whether if you are a student, professional or an entrepreneur, you are more than welcomed to live in our community space.
There are 55 people living at JL Co-Living space across 3 floors.
Your all-in-one monthly bill covers utility bills (except for your electricity bill for your own room), room furnitures, high speed wi-fi, access to all areas and facilities at the common area, community events, and our 24/7 team to assist you with any enquiries and to help make your experience as amazing as possible.
You can either email us at hello@jlcoliving.com or give our Viewing Team a call +6016-3350116 and our team will arrange your preferred time with you.
Rent will be paid each month via bank transfer on the 1st of the month. Alternatively, you can arrange direct debit with your relevant bank and our team will assist you with this. This will all be briefed to you upon signing the contract. We will also provide you a welcome booklet with all the relevant details you need on the 1st day of check in so you can refer to it anytime if you have any doubts.
The first rental payment should be made in advance on the date of commencement of the tenancy and after that, the rental should be paid on or before the 7th day of every month.
In the event of any delay in the payment of the monthly rental (which is the 7th day of every month), a fine of RM50 will be charged per week before the 14th and an additional fine of RM100 will be charged per week if payment is made after the 15th onwards.
After hours, we have a security guard on-site who will be contactable in an emergency.
We provide a high quality 6 inch mattress, bed, furnitures, a full-length mirror, study/work desk and a chair, wardrobes as well as hangers and a complimentary dental pack for hygiene! 🙂 All you need to buy is your own bedsheet, pillows, blanket and decorative item of your choice as these items are more based on personal preference.
Nope. Our maintenance team will be there to fix anything from lightbulb to door knob, just contact our representative and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible. However, cases whereby damages are done deliberately, it will be the tenants responsibility to bear the damages.
Our single and twin rooms are single beds, the mattresses are 3ft x 6ft x 6" inches. Our premium rooms are queen sized beds, the mattresses are 5ft x 6ft x 6" inches. The mattresses we use are of high quality mattress of 6 inches thick.
Unfortunately, no.
Yes, there is a LRT (Light Rapid Transit) located only 5 minute walk away from JL Co-Living which will take you to the universities i.e. Sunway/Taylors/Inti in 15minutes and KL in 30-40minutes!
Yes, there are loads of parking available.
You will need to pay the deposit upon signing the Tenancy Agreement. Our team will assist you on this.
There is no curfew, but we do ask you to be respectful of your neighbours who live in the building. We have a quiet hours policy that starts after 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 12am on Friday and Saturday.
Yes you can connect the screen to your laptop and watch movies of your choice with your friends. However, please respect the other members living in JL as well, so please keep the doors closed and do not hog the cinema room for too long to allow other members to use the facility as well.
Yes occasionally we will hold events like yoga classes, talks and presentations.